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CIC will host public webinars with BSP


THE Credit Information Corp. (CIC), the country’s only public credit registry and credit information repository, in partnership with Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), will host the webinar series “#AdvanceMagisip: The CIC Credit Report and the Basics of saving and building up your wealth” on July 21.

The session will cover practical financial skills such as the importance of saving, different ways to save, and building and maintaining good credit. This webinar series is part of this year’s celebration of Savings Awareness Week, pursuant to Presidential Proclamation 380, Series of 1994.

“CIC continues to promote to our fellow Filipinos the importance and value of the CIC credit report in their journey towards achieving their financial goals. Through this webinar, we aim to share how saving helps maintain ‘a good credit rating,’ said the president of the CIC. and CEO Ben Joshua Baltazar said.

The webinar, which falls under CIC Academy, CIC’s flagship educational program, will feature CIC resource speakers Mr. Romeo Ofrin, Chief Marketing Specialist, and Bank Manager BSP Atty. Clarence Joseph Zosa.

“The CIC credit report is the equivalent of a regular health record, except it’s about your credit health. With it, you’ll be able to monitor how your past credit behavior has affected your health and your current financial status,” Baltazar said.

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“This Savings Awareness Week, CIC aims to highlight how saving is a need, not an option, for good financial health and good creditworthiness,” he added.