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CCGP Cell Udhampur Holds Webinars on “Post-Graduation Educational Prospects”


CCGP Cell Udhampur Holds Webinars on “Post-Graduation Educational Prospects”

posted on June 16, 2022 | Author RK News

Udhampur, June 15: The Career Guidance, Guidance and Placement Unit of the Govt College for Women, Udhampur has successfully concluded a series of four-day seminars/webinars on the subject of “Post-Graduation Educational Prospects” under the supervision by Professor Jugal Kishore, organizer, professional orientation, placement unit orientation (CCGP).

The series was curated in offline and online mode. The event ended under the overall guidance of Dr. Monika Sharma, Principal of the college, who was the chief guest on the occasion.

The program discussions were initiated by Prof. Yash Paul, where he welcomed the key guest and introduced the online audience with the resource person, Dr. Raman Gupta, Department of Chemistry, GCET, Jammu.

Dr. Raman Gupta educated students about various competitions for various educational opportunities and career prospects covering a wide range of fields available to them after graduation ranging from state exams to national level exams .

College Principal Dr. Monika Sharma in her farewell remarks congratulated the CCGP cell and college students for the successful completion of the seminar/webinar series and assured them of having organized such an event at the future also to keep students abreast of the ever-changing educational outlook.

Prof. Jugal Kishore, Head of the CCGP Cell, presented a brief report of the entire series of seminars/webinars and thanked the President and all stakeholders for their continuous and unconditional support.

Throughout the series, the various resource persons touched on a range of educational and professional avenues available to graduates in the current market scenario and students also responded actively during the interactive session in which they answered their Questions.