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Carbolite Gero Labmate Online On-Demand Webinars


Recordings of the free webinars hosted regularly by our product experts in the UK and Germany are available on the website Company Website shortly after the event was first broadcast live.

Whether you are looking for an in-depth “introduction to thermal post-processing in additive manufacturing” or information on the most suitable “proposed furnaces for raw material quality assurance”, you will find this ever-expanding library of webinar recordings. to be a fabulous resource.

Each of the informative webinars is approximately 30 to 45 minutes long and includes questions that were posed to the presenters. These recordings, like the live webinars, are completely free to view at your convenience afterwards. request access.

As Carbolite Gero is part of the Verder Scientific group of companies, they aren’t the only ones to host regular webinars which are then available for download on demand at a later date. For example, those involved in additive manufacturing may very well find that previous Microtrac MRB webinars such as “Dynamic Imaging for Additive Manufacturing” and “Quality Control for Powder Metallurgy” are of great value. great utility in their webinar library.

The Verder Scientific companies will be hosting a webinar series on Tuesday, November 2 on “Sample Preparation, Characterization and Heat Treatment of Raw Materials Used in Battery Technology”. Eltra, Mictrotrac MRB, Retsch and Carbolite Gero will all be hosting 30 minute webinars which we hope will be of great interest to anyone working in battery research and manufacturing. Further details can be found on the web presence of each of these companies.

Finally, please check out the library of on-demand webinars and let each company know if you think there is a basic introductory webinar or in-depth technical session that you might be interested in.


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