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‘Bootcamps on Steroids’: Guam Community College to Host More Workforce Training Sessions This Summer | Local News


Guam Community College is preparing to launch a number of workforce development bootcamps, GCC President Mary Okada said during a budget hearing on Monday.

Bootcamps provide educational content that students can then use to get on-the-job training with an employer, board chairman Frank P. Arriola said.

The college will launch additional boot camps for the summer, to include ship repair, diesel mechanics, home health care, construction technology, information technology, survey technicians, certified practical nurses and H-VAC, Okada said.

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The upcoming courses follow successful 12-week training bootcamps the college has run.

GCC recently completed its third Ship Repair Boot Camp, which helped students find employment with the Cabras Marine Corporation, and had just completed a second Construction Trades Boot Camp and truck driving to address the shortage of commercial truck drivers on the island.

According to Arriola, partnering with private companies has helped ensure apprenticeship programs or guaranteed jobs for students who complete the courses.

“The great thing about these boot camps, some of these people who go to boot camp have never worked or have never worked in a particular area. So we’re actually helping them figure out how to work with an employer and then look for ways to advance so they can have a career.

Guam’s first paramedic certification training course is also being held for Guam Fire Department personnel, Arriola said, and the college is also exploring other high-demand areas such as training non-military ammunition technicians. ordnance, for which they hoped to engage in a partnership for the next few weeks.

Okada said the college was fortunate to have acquired an additional training center in Barrigada which would be used for vocational training programs by the end of the week. The institution was going to recruit a number of people to help with the programs, she said.

“Just excuse my explanation, but I think we’re going to have bootcamps on steroids,” Okada said.

The bootcamps have also helped the college supplement declining enrollment, she told lawmakers. Post-secondary enrollment had dropped to about 1,500 students last spring, from 2,078 students in fall 2019.

According to Speaker Therese Terlaje, the Legislature hoped to allocate $7 million from the U.S. bailout to the college to help provide job training scholarships and even temporary stipends for the unemployed once the pandemic unemployment assistance program runs out.

GCC also partners with the Department of Labor to fund job training through the Displaced Workers Grant.

Those interested in applying can register at hiruguam.com and upload their resume before calling 475-7000 and speaking with a case manager.

Other updates

  • Arriola told lawmakers that construction of the new on-campus forensic lab was about 50% complete, and according to Okada, the project was expected to be completed by the end of the year;

  • the college is seeking to acquire property to create a satellite facility;

  • the college received its 20th consecutive audit, okada said;

  • GCC was also looking to use CARES Act funding to provide post-secondary credits to students who intended to enroll in the upcoming school year, with the option of providing between three and 12 credits for free; and
  • The college will offer an exploratory course in criminal justice for high school students this summer and is seeking to establish a career and technical criminal justice program for students, Okada said.

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