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Bismarck Police Department uses calendar to raise money for K9 trainings


BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – The Bismarck Police Department is raising funds for its K-9 units with a schedule. The fundraiser introduces the furry officers and gives the audience a glimpse into how the pack is managed.

A training session this week features K9’s Bala with Sgt. Dan Salander, Mesa with Officer Joseph Benke, Echo with Officer Christopher Zabel and Titan with Sgt. Garner Jones of the Bismarck Police Department and Mace with Constable Matt Pappenfus of the Minot Police Department.

These dogs do not all bark, they perform essential strength tasks.

“A lot of drugs and bad people that we take off the streets are because of them,” said Officer Joseph Benke, K-9 manager for the Bismarck Police Department.

Dogs are put to the test. With training in eight key areas including research, monitoring and apprehension.

“They’ve got thousands and thousands and thousands of backstage reps, just like with the K9s. People don’t see the backstage very often and that’s what we do to make dogs really, really good, ”said Sgt. Lyle Sinclair, K-9 trainer for the Bismarck Police Department.

Now the dogs are working on electronic collar training to give officers more flexibility in dangerous situations.

“Instead of having to use our voices and maybe cede our position to the suspect, we can use the electronic collar to direct them in different ways,” added Officer Benke.

Officers say they work with their furry partners more than 30 hours per month. So far this year, Bismarck K-9 units have been deployed approximately 200 times for patrol and work on narcotics.

“I can see the work they’ve done. I remember how the dogs were when we got them; they wouldn’t sit down, they wouldn’t let go of a toy, they wouldn’t come back, they wouldn’t do anything, and just watching them progress is a great pleasure for me. What’s even more fun for me is seeing my guys helping other young drivers, ”said Sgt. Sinclair.

Now, thanks to a creative calendar, the force hopes to continually hone the skills of their dogs.

Calendars raise funds for the purchase of equipment such as lure suits and bite sleeves and help fund various training courses for dogs.

K9 calendars will be sold at KT Animal Supply in Bismarck. Check out BPD’s Facebook page for up-to-date information on when this year’s K9 calendar will be available.

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