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Best Coding Bootcamps in Australia 2021



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Want to be part of a booming industry? A coding bootcamp could be a great way to develop your skills while improving your employability. Read on to find out more.

What is a coding bootcamp?

A coding bootcamp is a crash course in some of the fundamentals of computer programming. Students who gain coding skills through these courses – which are taught in person, online, or a combination of both – can develop the technical abilities needed to take advantage of a career in programming.

How much prior coding knowledge do I need?

Inexperience should not be a barrier to entry: in fact, new learners are likely to be the targets of bootcamps. According to Le Wagon Coding School, between 80% and 90% of its students have “little or no” coding experience before joining a bootcamp.

How to choose the best bootcamp

  • Free tasters. Some bootcamp providers may offer open evenings to get a feel for a full course. For example, FireBootCamp offers an hour-long webinar to get a taste of the concepts and technology you will need to master with them.
  • Course quality. Make sure you do plenty of research to make sure that the service you are paying for is good value for money. Look for a comprehensive application process and plenty of credible online reviews of the quality of education before settling on a bootcamp that’s right for you.
  • Face-to-face and / or online training. Due to the coronavirus, many coding bootcamps have now suspended face-to-face classes and have moved entirely online (for now). Previously, the ability to take in-person training was seen as a big plus with bootcamp providers due to the benefits of networking. Additionally, coders often work in small groups and therefore this type of learning is considered more realistic for learners.
  • Industrial connections. Many bootcamp providers offer a network of tech professionals, educators, alumni, and corporate recruiting partners. These often global contacts are a big selling point for many prospective students who are seriously considering a career in programming.
  • Learning material. In order for coding bootcamps to work, you will likely need to demonstrate a real commitment to your course, and even with the intensive nature of the courses, you will likely need to devote many hours to non-contact. Compare the course materials on offer to make sure you can get the most out of anything that will complement your learning.

Prefer to learn coding online? See some offers below:

Learn coding at Edureka

Edureka offers programming and frameworks courses as well as frontend development and big data.

Expert assessment

Get skills at expert assessment

Expert Rating offers courses in ASP.NET, C # and PHP and many more.

Coding Bootcamps in Australia

We reviewed these websites in August 2021. We make every effort to ensure that the information on this site is up to date and accurate, but you should confirm any information with the product or service provider and read the information they can. to supply.

There are a number of coding bootcamps to think about, including the following:

1. Coders Academy

This accredited provider of coding bootcamps offers crash courses that can accelerate your journey to becoming a Full-Stack Web Developer. They also offer undergraduate certificates in programming and data analysis as short courses. Commonwealth funded places are available for some courses.

  • Site: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.
  • Types of courses: Full-time, part-time and short-term courses.
  • Delivery: On the campus

2. General Assembly

General Assembly offers a range of full-time, part-time, flexible and short workshops on coding on more than 30 campuses around the world. With IRL and online options for software engineering, front-end web development, Javascript development, Python programming, and more, you’re bound to find a course that suits your lifestyle. Don’t want to immerse yourself completely in the world of coding? General Assembly offers many free workshops to introduce you to Python, HTML & CSS and R programming.

  • Site: Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney (and more abroad).
  • Types of courses: Full-time, part-time, flexible courses and free workshops.
  • Delivery: On campus and online.

3. The Wagon

Choose between nine-week full-time courses and 24-week part-time courses in web development or data science. Le Wagon has more than 45 campuses around the world, including Melbourne. There is a lot of prep work to be done online, and in return, students may be able to build multiple web apps and a personal project in just two months.

  • Site: Melbourne (plus 45+ other cities around the world).
  • Types of courses: Full-time (9 weeks) and part-time (24 weeks).
  • Delivery: On campus and online.

The providers on this list were chosen by our editorial team and were not selected on the basis of commercial relationships.

What works for one person won’t work for another, so in reality there is no such thing as a “best” coding bootcamp. It is important to consider the various features offered in the context of your own needs.

Are coding bootcamps worth it?

It really depends on your situation and what you hope to get out of the bootcamp.

Coding bootcamps are great for intensive learning that equips aspiring coders with some of the specific technical skills needed to be successful in certain areas of programming, in an accelerated fashion; often at short notice.

However, if you want to delve deeper into the fundamentals of coding and software development – focusing more broadly on operating systems and algorithms, for example – then a better option may be a longer coding course or a bachelor’s degree. . More theoretical courses like these can give you more options in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find a job after a coding bootcamp?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee. After all, you can meet more experienced candidates for any position you are applying for. On the flip side, having a good coding bootcamp accreditation on your resume (especially with one or two completed projects in your portfolio) can boost your job prospects. Plus, the chance to gain a host of useful industry contacts can’t hurt.

How long do coding bootcamps last?

The length of bootcamps can vary widely, from one-day courses to ones lasting up to six months. If flexibility is important to you, think carefully about how you are going to manage your time with your other commitments.

What do you typically learn on a coding bootcamp?

It depends on the course you have chosen. Generally speaking, a coding bootcamp will connect you to specific coding languages ​​and tools needed for programming. Examples of coding languages ​​include Python, Javascript, among others. Some bootcamps may offer additional skills or modules, such as UX design, AI, or blockchain development.

How difficult is bootcamp coding? Do I need to know math?

Going to a coding bootcamp is not a decision to be taken lightly. The workload can sometimes be very difficult. Having said that, many people without technical training are able to take such courses and do well. In terms of math, you will definitely have an advantage if you have at least basic math skills (ideally with a bit of algebra) given the nature of a developer’s job.



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