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Belltable: Connect invites applications for live-to-online translation workshops this fall


Belltable: Connect is calling for applications for three one-week sessions for emerging / mid-career / established theater / performance artists living and working locally.

Marketa Dowling, program manager at Belltable, said: “As we all know, the current pandemic has been detrimental to the performing arts. If foreigners cannot share an artistic experience with each other and with artists, the sector has lost its raison d’être.

“Many artists are now turning to the web to interact with their audiences. These Belltable: Connect workshops provide an opportunity for artists throughout their careers to explore how to communicate with an online audience, how to connect with them as active participants instead of casual observers.

“Translating Live to Online is funded by Creative Ireland and Limerick City and County Council through Creative Ireland Made in Limerick Grant 2020.”

What is live to online translation?

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The workshop is designed to develop audience engagement and shared experience. Not only in the context of live, the workshop explores how “live” translates to “online”. Can the lived and shared experiences of an actor and an audience exist when they are presented on online platforms?

How can theater artists become effective storytellers without becoming filmmakers? Many artists are moving their activities online, hoping to find an audience for a new art form “not quite live / not quite video or film”.

Practitioners therefore need to consider what this new discipline might be and how it connects with the audience as active participants in performance, as opposed to casual observers.

Simon Thompson hosts three independent one-week sessions for five emerging / mid-career / established artists in Belltable Hub.

Artists will explore kinetic bonding and empathy through play and failure, improvisations and physical interventions. Particular emphasis will be placed on the bodily architecture of the body.

Through the embodiment of sensation and emotion, artists get to know their own body, become aware of how it moves in space and the amount of non-verbal information it conveys to the observer.

Simon said “The current global crisis has affected everyone to varying degrees and as a creative person the lack of human interaction and the excitement of sharing ideas has indeed been one of those challenges.

“However, thanks to the Belltable. I shake myself up and walk over to the studio with 3 different groups of local artists, and we’ll be exploring ideas regarding the audience and the live performance.

“In addition, we will look at the very exciting implications and possibilities that the transition to the Internet can present. These workshops will allow local artists to challenge, develop and explore new possibilities and opportunities to create audience-focused and engaging theater for the future.

The three weeks in question will take place in Belltable Hub:

week 1 – emerging artists – September 28 – October 3
week 2 – mid-career artists – October 5-10
week 3 – confirmed artists – October 12-17

Who is direct to online translation for? Professional theater / performance artists / creators at different stages of their careers: actors, dancers, playwrights, performance designers, designers, etc.

Applicants must have theater / performing arts as their main career and have work experience or have studied theater / performing at the third level.

These workshops are intended for practitioners living, working and substantially operating in the City and County of Limerick. To see if you are eligible, please read more about the criteria here – https://bit.ly/3gYV4H8

How to Apply for Live to Online Translation: Please find the request form on the website – click this link https://bit.ly/3gYV4H8. The application form should be emailed to [email protected].

The registration deadline is Friday 11e September at 12 noon.


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