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Azercell Business organized webinars for its corporate clients


Aiming to support the development initiatives of client companies, Azercell Business has completed the next project in this direction. Thus, online webinars on two topical subjects were organized for members of the “Azercell Business Club”. The webinars on “Leadership” and “Client-Centered Service Culture” were joined by more than 100 people, from government agencies, private companies, commercial organizations and financial institutions. . The webinars were primarily focused on effective leadership and business transformation in today’s fast-paced business world.

The Leadership webinar discussed the main factors of being an effective leader, the distinguishing characteristics of an effective leader, as well as activities leading to team motivation and development. Participants were also taught methods of leadership development, employee performance measurement and goal setting, techniques for turning a group into a real team, and good communication with colleagues.

The Webinar on “Customer Focused Service Culture” educated the virtual audience on ways to achieve customer satisfaction. Discussing the essentials needed to provide high quality customer service, the trainer also highlighted the key role of effective communication. Information was also provided on how to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction, the highest level of service and standards for responding to inquiries.

The online webinars were moderated by Aynur Abbasova, Senior Specialist, Azercell Academy, and Lala Abdurahmanova, Academy Guest Trainer, Consultant and Coach. The trainers answered many questions on the topics.

Over the years of successful activity, Azercell Business has provided services that support the development of its client businesses, enabling them to provide high quality customer service by efficiently and conveniently running their business from anywhere in the country. Azercell Business, which has always supported the development and digital transformation of its customers, will continue these activities in various directions in the future.

For more information on Azercell Business, please visit https://www.azercell.com/en/corporate.html or contact the Call Center (* 6050) for Azercell business customers.