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Aberdeenshire invited to new Scottish Land Commission webinars to share information on land reforms


Residents of ABERDEENSHIRE have been invited to join new sessions to learn about upcoming land reforms.

Emma Cooper from the Scottish Land Commission hosted the new webinar series.

The new series of free webinars will provide more information on land rights and responsibilities.

Beginning October 19, the informal 45-minute lunchtime sessions aim to stimulate practical change in the way land is owned, used and managed.

Called Land @ Lunch, these short information sessions are at the heart of the Scottish Land Commission’s autumn-winter training programme.

The series will begin by exploring the changes to the recently updated Scottish Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement and what this means for people.

Other sessions will look at how to identify who owns land, get involved in land use decision-making, tackle vacant and abandoned land, and responsibly manage natural capital.

The series will appeal to those already involved in land issues, as well as those new to the subject.

Attendees will be able to ask questions and are welcome to join from home or work, bring lunch or even listen while walking.

Emma Cooper, Land Rights and Responsibilities Manager at the Scottish Land Commission, will lead the events alongside the public body’s Land Rights and Responsibilities Manager, Gemma Campbell.

Ms Cooper said: “Our new Land @ Lunch series aims to share ideas, spur action and point people to useful tools and support on a range of land reform topics.

“We have chosen topics that reflect the topics that members of the public, as well as those involved in land ownership and management, ask us about most often.

“Scottish land offers real opportunities and enormous potential. Therefore, by hosting these informal but important webinars, we hope to build people’s understanding of land reform, inspire people to get involved and help everyone understand the tools practices available to help them make changes.

“Land can be a complex subject, even for those who have been involved with it for a long time, so it is crucial that we help people understand their rights and responsibilities and how they can make a positive difference in the way land is held. and managed. ”

The Scottish Land Commission’s Land Rights and Responsibilities Protocols set out practical guidance on how landowners, land managers and communities can work together to make better and fairer decisions about land use.

They have been created to provide practical tools for implementing the Scottish Government’s Statement of Land Rights and Responsibilities.

Minister of Environment and Agrarian Reform Màiri McAllan MSP will officially open the program with a pre-recorded introduction at the start of the first session Our Land Rights and Responsibilities today October 19th.

The first phase of the Scottish Land Commission’s Land @ Lunch webinars will run from October to December and will explore topics such as community ownership, natural capital, land markets and carbon management – with the second phase taking place from January to March 2023.

The Scottish Land Commission provides advice and recommendations on law and policy as well as leadership for change in culture and practice, working to create a Scotland where everyone can benefit from the ownership and use of land and nation buildings.

To learn more about the Land @ Lunch webinar series, click here.

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