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5 sex positive online workshops to spice up your love life


Having sex is a learning process. You might lose your virginity and start having sex as a teenager or young adult, but learning what you really like takes time. Our likes and dislikes with sex change as we grow older and older and that is why online sex workshops exist. If you feel like you need to learn new skills (or brush up on old ones), there is absolutely nothing wrong with online sex workshops. These 5 sex positive online workshops will definitely spice up your love life:

O.School is a live streaming platform where you can learn about a myriad of sexual topics. Sex educators, trainers, and doctors provide information on everything from cleaning sex toys to reattachment. It’s a great site for finding answers to questions you thought you’d never find… not to mention, it’s completely free!

Lovehoney on YouTube
Lovehoney is an easy and efficient way to learn more about sex via the internet. The show’s hosts, Jess Wilde and Annabelle Knight, discuss a lot of topics that we’ve probably all thought about before. The videos are hilarious but definitely informative.

Sexpert Consultants
All workshops on Sexpert Consultants will be held virtually until further notice. Now is the time to register and learn from the comfort of your home! You can choose from an array of courses, like How To Eat Cake: Cunnilingus 101 and 50 Shades of Play: Intro to Kink, and find one that fits your needs.

she bop
All courses on She Bop are currently held online, so you can easily access the variety of courses they offer. Immerse yourself in your interests and discover everything from burlesque basics for the bedroom and beyond to sex and sensuality for the super sensitive.

The Institute of Intimacy
Dr Jenni Skyler leads a workshop where she explains how couples can develop stronger intimacy and enhance their sexual pleasure. The workshop lasts 3 hours in total but is split into shorter videos so couples can go at their own pace. She also has a workshop for men on how to last longer in bed.


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