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5 Python Courses and Bootcamps in Chicago You Should Know


Python is one of the most dynamic and user-friendly general-purpose coding languages, which explains its overall popularity. According to a HackerRank survey26% of developers want to learn Python in 2019. The language’s flexibility makes it a must-have for everything from web apps and game development to data science and artificial intelligence.

Due to its versatility and relatively easy-to-learn syntax, Python classes and programs have burst onto the bootcamp scene. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned developer looking to learn a new language, we’ve rounded up a few Python courses and bootcamps here in Chicago for you to check out.

The Best Python Courses in Chicago

  • Coding Dojo
  • Coding Temple
  • General assembly
  • Hands-on programming
  • Promotionable
Coding Dojo

Location: 213 West Institute Square

Duration: 14 weeks

Cost: $12,995

Presentation of the training: Coding Dojo offers onsite and online coding courses spanning three full stacks with an emphasis on Python. The program teaches multiple and flexible stacks to ensure students are prepared to work at different levels of development. Coding Dojo teaches Python because of its versatility and covers Python-related technologies such as MySQL, Flask, Ajax, APIs, and Django.

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temple of coding python bootcamps chicago
Coding Temple

Location: 222 West Ontario

Duration: 10 weeks

Cost: $11,995

Presentation of the training: Coding TempleThe bootcamp offers courses focused on Python and data science, as well as a comprehensive web development curriculum. The Python bootcamp is a mix of lectures and hands-on learning, providing the tools needed to design, build, and deploy web applications that will give students Python skills and confidence in their development abilities.

general assembly python bootcamps chicago
General assembly

Location: 444 N Wabash

Duration: 10 weeks (also offered as a one-week crash course)

Cost: $3,950

Presentation of the training: General assembly offers a variety of full-time and part-time professional development courses ranging from iOS development to digital marketing. Their part-time Python programming course is taught by industry experts and covers fundamentals, object-oriented programming, troubleshooting, and special topics like data science and web applications.

hands-on programming python bootcamps chicago
Hands-on programming

Location: 29 Madison East

Duration: One week

Cost: $999

Presentation of the training: Hands-on programming The immersive Python course is designed for beginners, ensuring students receive a comprehensive toolkit when learning the language. The course provides the basics, but also gives students the opportunity to work on real projects that will build their code portfolio for a future job search. The course includes 35 hours of lectures, hands-on learning and best practices with instructors.

promotable python bootcamps chicago

Location: Merchandise store

Duration: five weeks

Cost: $1500

Presentation of the training: Promotionable offers a beginner’s program covering Python for data science. No experience required, the course is 25 hours of classroom learning that covers the basics of programming, data, and machine learning. In addition to learning the basics of Python, the course also teaches students how to apply the language to real-world data problems.