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5 Best Data Science Bootcamps in Chicago You Should Know About 2022


Data science is a growing career path. Whether it’s a tech startup or a Fortune 500 company, having the ability to make sense of stacks of data is a very valuable skill. This is why data scientists, as well as engineers who understand machine learning and other tools used in the field, have become essential for companies.

Whether you’re looking to completely change your career path or need to sharpen your skills to keep up with changing market demands, these Chicago data science bootcamps offer programs worth checking out.

The Best Data Science Bootcamps in Chicago

  • Flatiron School
  • Data Science Dojo
  • General assembly
  • Metis
  • Promotionable

Flatiron School

Location: 515 State Street North

Duration: 15 weeks

Cost: $15,000

Presentation of the training: Flatiron School offers a comprehensive data science curriculum providing students with the comprehensive toolkit they need to pursue a career in the field. The bootcamp prepares students for employment in today’s market, teaching the basics of data science libraries, Python, SQL, and linear regression modeling. Flatiron offers a deferred tuition program where graduates don’t pay until they are hired and earn at least $40,000.

data science dojo data science bootcamps chicago
Data Science Dojo

Location: 205 North Michigan Avenue

Duration: Five days

Cost: Price ranges per lesson package

Presentation of the training: Data Science Dojo offers courses for professionals who wish to enrich their wheelhouse knowledge and skills. Founded in Seattle, the accelerated program offers preparatory courses in the basics of data science. During the immersive programs, students learn and apply their data science skills for 10 hours a day. After the bootcamp, graduates participate in a Kaggle competition and have access to exclusive events and networking groups.

general assembly data science bootcamps chicago
General assembly

Location: 444 North Wabash

Duration: 12 weeks

Cost: $15,950

Presentation of the training: General assembly offers a variety of full-time and part-time technology training courses in various disciplines. The data science bootcamp covers Git, SQL, UNIX, Python, machine learning, and data modeling techniques. General Assembly offers instruction by in-house experts and support from career coaches who provide guidance to prepare for careers in business intelligence, data science, data analytics and more.

metis data science bootcamp chicago

Location: 1033 West Van Buren

Duration: 12 weeks

Cost: $17,000

Presentation of the training: Metis offers an accredited introductory data science course that immerses students in two to three hours of classroom instruction and four to six hours of daily development and project work. The program provides an introduction to the data science toolkit consisting of Git, GitHub, Python, pandas and more, then progresses to advanced topics such as linear regression, machine learning, databases, statistical bases, big data and a portfolio of five projects. Metis also offers support to help graduates get hired after boot camp, such as workshops, company site visits, and one-on-one interviews with career counselors.

promotable data science bootcamps chicago

Location: Merchandise store

Duration: five weeks

Cost: $1,500

Presentation of the training: Promotionable provides an introduction to Python for data science. The part-time data science course introduces students to Python programming, providing a foundation in coding basics, data science issues, and machine learning. The course is delivered in small class sizes by full-time data science professionals to provide the best introductory experience for aspiring data scientists.