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10 tips to turn your webinars from boring to interesting (VB Live)


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From the initial email invitation to the post-show playbook, marketers need to differentiate their webinars at every step to drive audience engagement and participation. Join this VB Live event to discover ten real, tangible ways to prepare for success.

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In a world where we are increasingly online to connect and consume content, webinars have become one of a digital marketer’s most powerful tools. According to On24 2021 webinar benchmark report, webinar attendance increased 251% to over 60 million last year, while webinar content hours consumed increased 290%, to a total of 61 million hours.

It’s no surprise that 99% of digital marketers surveyed said webinars are a key part of their marketing mix, with almost three-quarters saying webinars have a direct impact on pipeline and revenue – c Perhaps this is why the number of webinars increased by 162%.

The powerful impact of webinars comes from the ability to interact directly with your audience. This is not a sales pitch, but the opportunity to deliver the kind of crucial and actionable information your audience will share with their colleagues, thus boosting your reputation and making your sign up link a must click when. it appears in their inbox. Webinars remain one of the most effective and cost-effective ways to generate genuine engagement, capture buyer interest, develop a productive pipeline, and increase revenue.

Webinars also generate extremely valuable audience insights, engagement data, and buying signals. That’s why the majority of sales teams prioritize leads from webinars, making it the # 1 digital channel for 89% of respondents in creating qualified leads.

However, there is a mountain of digital content that demands the attention of your audience; even if they are responding to a webinar, that time is not necessarily reserved for you, and they are as likely to dismiss the reminder as they are to click on your link. Despite the renewed interest in video content, fatigue is real. While webinars get nowhere, the challenge is to make them more relevant than ever before to ensure you reach the top to capture attention.

How? ‘Or’ What? There are proven, audience-tested, and data-verified ways to make webinars more engaging to your audience, to ensure that the encouraging number of subscribers you get when promoting your webinar is displayed. actually when is the time.

Whether it’s making sure you’re focusing on your audience’s needs (not yours), testing and iterating (over and over again), or including some interactive elements, marketers now need to refine the tools in their webinar toolkits. Don’t miss this VB Live event to learn the Top ten tips for making your webinars a must-see, with first-hand experiences from marketing leaders, including case studies and more.

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You will learn:

  • Tips for making sure your webinars are audience-centric
  • How to innovate ideas for interacting with a virtual participant
  • Best practices for integrating webinars consistently into your event chain
  • And more!


  • Laura Grandi-Hill, Event Marketing Manager, Air Base
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