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10 Best Data Science Bootcamps for 2021


by Vivek Kumar

December 17, 2020

Data science has become a sought-after career opportunity today. This is mainly due to the fact that more and more companies are dealing with inundated data sets and looking to efficiently process this data to extract meaningful insights for business growth. Data science is an interdisciplinary field of data mining, machine learning, and big data, which requires enhanced skills to pursue a career in it.

Whether data scientists, engineers or data architects, each position will require some level of technical skills such as programming, data visualization, statistics and machine learning, as well as soft skills such as verbal and written communication and business acumen. However, to grasp such skills today does not take three to five years of college education, as there are the best data science bootcamps available. Bootcamps are generally short-term, intense training sessions aimed at preparing students to prepare for a particular course in a matter of weeks or months.

Here are the top 10 data science bootcamps that will help professionals become a successful data scientist in 2021.

Propulsion Academy

Learning mode: online

Propulsion Academy offers students the opportunity to learn about the technologies, tools and techniques needed to master all areas of data science. The academy offers full-time, 12-week bootcamps in full-stack software development and data science. This course covers JavaScript, React.js, Docker, Python, Django, etc., while the Data Science Bootcamp covers R, Python, machine learning, and NLP.


Learning mode: online

CodingNomads offers a 12-week part-time course in Data Science and Machine Learning for students with experience in Python and coding. The program includes courses in model evaluation and validation, the data science technology stack, and a capstone project that requires students to build an end-to-end machine learning model. Upon completion of the bootcamp, graduates have continued access to bootcamp content and CodingNomad services and resources.

Data search

Learning mode: online

Dataquest offers a 24-week project-based data science program. It covers the challenges of interactive coding to provide a more hands-on approach to teaching. The course includes end-to-end coaching by instructors and provides step-by-step training on all the skills that help students launch a data science career. Students can learn data science at Dataquest with flexible schedules and at affordable costs.


Learning mode: online

As the leader in online Python web development and data science bootcamps, RMOTR offers a 4-month online program where students interact remotely with teachers, mentors, and classmates. Courses include data science with Python and web development with Django. Each course allows students to work at their own pace and develop skills that matter. RMOTR also offers students the option to select free full access during the first week of training (includes two live classes), and they can unsubscribe at any time.

GreyAtom School of Data Science

Learning mode: online/offline

GreyAtom is a 24-week data science program in Mumbai, India. It provides practice-based training as well as industry preparation. GreyAtom’s “Commit.live” training platform helps students build their profile on relevant platforms like GitHub, StackOverflow, Tech Blog and others, which are far more valuable than any certification. The program is designed by the infusion of industry practitioners and academics to help prepare students for a career in data science.


Learning mode: online

Springboard offers a six-month Data Science Career Track program. It helps develop a career in data science by providing professional skills for students to master the basics of data science and choose their focus area, including advanced machine learning, natural language processing, or data science. deep learning. At the end of the program, learners will have an interview-ready portfolio and access to a data science network.

Cambridge Spark

Learning mode: online

Cambridge Spark offers a 14-month blended learning program in data science and AI. It provides continuing professional development training for developers and data scientists to help individuals improve their skills and become more employable. Courses include intensive part-time programs, hands-on data science summits, and regular community events on the latest tools and techniques in data science and software development, all aimed at equipping individuals with the most relevant skills. to succeed in the industry.


Learning mode: online

The DataCamp e-learning platform offers 337 online data science courses, ranging from an introductory data science course for everyone to introductory courses in Python, R, and SQL. Students start at DataCamp with skills assessments and then are directed to the courses that suit them best. The courses are aimed at both beginners in the data science industry and IT professionals. DataCamp offers flexible online training for every role and skill level.


Learning mode: online

Udacity offers more than a dozen online data science courses, including Business Analytics, Programming for Data Science with R, Data Scientist, and Data Analyst. The Data Scientist course is a four month course requiring approximately ten hours per week, with prerequisites of Python, SQL and Statistics. Udacity’s unique teaching method includes real-world projects designed with industry experts to provide the right skills for a successful career, immersive hands-on training, and career management support.

Ubiqum Code Academy

Learning mode: online/offline

Ubiqum Code Academy offers an immersive data science bootcamp designed to turn beginners into data analysts. Its data analytics and machine learning bootcamp is a five-month, full-time program. Through this program, students will learn data mining in both R and Python. They will learn to apply real-world data analysis skills to predict buying trends in online retail and turn data into advanced visualizations that help sell ideas.

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